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Oh Manioc. Déraciné.

Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

I was invited to participate in the Palais de Tokyo Museum with a performance/atelier where 10 people could register and participate in the realization of my work. This action that lasted 3 hours consisted of performing the process of transformation of cassava to cassava, from peeling the cassava, going through all the steps to get to the cassava flour and then finish making the cassava with phrases that referred to my exile. Phrases written with papelón "my family", "whatsApp, "my window", "empty/full doesn't matter", "winter again", "go back sir", could be read in those -casabes- and could be ingested by members of the audience. 


The whole action was accompanied by a video projected on the wall that talked about all the stages of the cassava, and how those stages are compared to my exile.

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