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Los conos de madre

Venezuela, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, England, South Korea, China

This is a performance called “Los conos de madre” (No translation. This expression is written similarly to a bad word in Spanish, but it means something different to what the bad word means. However, this phonetic and visual resemblance with the bad word reveals some characteristics of the performance as well). I have performed it in different countries and cities with diverse kinds of costumes, Ochoa is really interest in how people react in different countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, England, South Korea, China). They are made up with paper cups that simulates a thorn cuirass that protects the person inside from the hostile surrounding media. The performer interacts with common pedestrians, taking them out of their daily visual routine. There are a variety of reactions. Some of them immediately look for their photo devices or any object that helps to register the weird moment. They desperately intent to take a photo with the suit. Other people just keep walking with indifferent attitude, but they don’t stop staring. The interesting part happens to the person wearing the suit. He experiments the feeling of being the center of attention without showing his face. He sees everything through a tiny hollow; smiles, stares and he discovers sensations looking at his body moving in the space.



This perfomance is a continuos of his ceramic sculptures, He describe his perfomance like "moving sculptures", giving another dimention to his sculptures. Im really interested on how people protect  themselves with mechanism defense and thats why I use the relation with animals and how they protect their bodies from enemies. This perfomance try to propose another kind of urban art, I think is better to put art to people infront of their eyes, that wait in a gallery or museum only for "art people", so thats why I do this perfomance everywhere i can go, with any kind of people and cultures.

In this work I had the collaboration of several photographers and friends.

Special thanks to Luke McGregor, Jorge Chapellin, Lucy Boscán, Maria Melia Delgado, Julien Z.


TO BE (Solo exhibition at Beatriz Gil Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela.)

“At first glance, Ochoa conveys as the essence of this performance, the possibility of being, sensorially and in a fluid way in a interchange with his surroundings. The closeness to the other happened with the same ease, and the action started to refer a set of surprises in front of the game, with the diversity, formal and sensible, which, in a way, erase the notion of preconceptions regarding traditional forms o bound by laws of social interchange”.

“The TO BE Exhibit is a way to find closure of a long path within a journey, and document, through the photographic record the places where this chromatic happening left its stamp, setting in motion the opening of a conclusion which highlights the shape as a vital possibility: a sensorial body which moves around and finds itself, that recognizes and freely dialogues, there, in the threshold of social crisis, the political detachments, the divisions and confrontations that constantly fracture the complicated geodesy of our current world”
                                                                                                                             Lorena González Inneco

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