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LIDL Leading the People

Paris, France

The popular supermarket chain Lidl is used as a metaphor to talk about the French people and the financial gap that exists between a consumer society with less purchasing power and the same consumer society with apparently unlimited wealth, focused on the luxury retail market.


There is nothing new regarding this phenomenon, I am not trying to satanize either segment or consumer behavior, what I am looking for is to open a dialogue, even playing with reality. I always bring along my personal experiences to my work, and Lidl has always been present in my life, as the client that I am of this German emporium, always staying a faithful customer, and keeping a brand loyalty towards them, as I find the relationship price-quality, not only coherent, but friendly. Therefore, their logo and branding are part of visual vocabulary.

The Lidl sneakers were selected to be part of my wardrobe, because in France, those shoes became sort of a pop culture icon, and can be found today in the parallel market at extortionate prices. This metaphor will be completed with projects where I shall work with images from brands like IKEA, and LEROY MERLIN.

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